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Switzerland is a walker's paradise. Mountains, lakes, valleys and meadows combine to produce a series of images that seem familiar.

Often we think of stereotypes - alpine pastures, contented cows grazing lush grass, wooden chalets and snow-capped mountains. However, although there is much truth in this narrow view, it does little justice to the spectacular variety of terrain that Switzerland is able to offer the visitor.

As in any country, the walker can investigate the details of the countryside rather than view a rapidly changing kaleidoscope seen from the car or train window as the scenery flashes by. Walks, arranged by region, vary from easy strolls to more challenging routes with every effort made to include variety and interest along the way.

As time passes the scope will increase and site visitors will have a valuable English language resource to help them make the best of a country blessed with magnificent landscapes.

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19 April 2015



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