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Photos from Valais / Wallis walks

Leukerbad & Gemmipass
803908The wooden shelter near the Wyssi Flue
803909The alp above Schwarenbach
803910The path from Schwarenbach to the Daubensee
803911The Berghotel Schwarenbach
803912Dramatic scenery near Schwarenbach
804001View from Arvenwald towards Sunnbüel
804101The Daubensee from the northern end
804201View over the Daubensee to the Gemmipass
804202The approach to the Berghotel Schwarenbach
804301The view to Sunnbüel from Arvenwald
804601Looking up from Kreuxboden to Hohsaas
804602The view into the Saastal from Kreuxboden
804603Leaving Kreuxboden for Almagelleralp
804604Mountains dominate the Alpenblumen Promenade
804605The view back to Kreuxboden
804606The rocky section after Kreuxboden
804607The view across the Saastal to Saas Fee
804608Traversing beneath the avalanche protection
804609Looking back to Kreuxboden - a rather useless gate?
804610The first view to Mattmark Reservoir
804611Turning into Almagellertal
804612The descent into Almagellertal
804613Berghotel Almagellertal
804614The view down to Saas Almagell
804615The village of Saas Almagell
804701Watery landscape around Mattmarksee after heavy rain
804702Mattmarksee from the west in heavy rain
804703Storm clouds gather over Mattmarksee
804704Heading along the track to Mattmarksee dam
804705Rocky, watery landscape around Mattmarksee
805001Gspon Höhenweg at Kreuzboden
805002Gspon Höhenweg between Kreuzboden and Hannig
805003Gspon Höhenweg - the view to Saas Fee
805004Gspon Höhenweg after Hannig
805005Gspon Höhenweg crosses pastures above Saastal
805006Gspon Höhenweg has superb mountain panoramas
805007Gspon Höhenweg one of the many river crossings
805008Gspon Höhenweg looking across Saastal
805009Gspon Höhenweg at Obere Schwarzwalde
805010Gspon Höhenweg sign at Obere Schwarzwalde
805011Gspon Höhenweg crossing the Leidbach river
805012Gspon Höhenweg nearing Gspon
805013Gspon Höhenweg the small chapel near Gspon
805014Gspon Höhenweg view to chapel near Gspon
805015Gspon Höhenweg arrives at Gspon
805301The only sign of habitation in the Furgg Valley
805302View to the lower end of the Furgg Valley
805303Half way up the Furgg Valley
805304The view down the Furgg Valley
805305The upper reaches of the Furgg Valley
805306View back up the Furgg Valley from near Furgg Alp
Val d'Anniviers
810601Vineyards between Sierre & Salgesch on 'Wine Path'
810801Astronomical observatory near St. Luc
Vallee du Trient
810201The village church in Trient
810202View of the Glacier du Trient
810203Glacier du Trient ice-flow
810301Croix de Fer is a shapely mountain with grand views
810302Iron cross on summit of Croix de Fer
810303Croix de Fer view from Tête de Balme
810401The village of Trient
810402Tete de Balme & Croix de Fer
810501View of Trient from Glacier du Trient path
810502Glacier du Trient from Refuge Les Grands
810503The Tete de Balme and Croix de Fer
Zermatt & the Mattertal
810701Wooden hay barns above Zermatt
810702The Matterhorn towers above Zermatt
810703Sheep graze high above Zermatt
811201Signpost above Sunnega Paradise provides excellent directions to the main objective of this walk.
811202Path rising through rocky terrain towards Fluhalp and the Findel glacier.
811203The retreating Findel Glacier. The former extent of the glacier can be neasured by the morraines.
811204The high morraines beside the Findel Glacier show how much this glacier has retreated.
811205The distinctine shape of the Matterhoorn seen from above Findeln.
811206The wooden houese of Findeln are in contrast to the rugged landscape above the village.