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The concept of "Walking Switzerland" followed on from "Walking Britain". It was a natural development to the concept as I had made many visits to Switzerland over a period of nearly 30 years. Originally the basic page design was transferred from Walking Britain with content being developed as time permitted from September 2002.

selfieThe decision to convert the site to a database format, will see Walking Switzerland benefit from further development in the future. Even now there are a number of new walks for addition to the site, both from my own sources and other authors. It is worth noting that content provided by anyone with an interest in walks and walking within Switzerland is welcome and will be added as and when time permits.

The content on this site is provided free of charge with advertisers just covering the rising costs of hosting and bandwidth charges. Walking Switzerland will probably never be a profit making enterprise but will be my contribution to the information that is available to help you enjoy walking in the mountains.

Lou Johnson - Editor & Proprietor