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Where to Walk in Switzerland

Switzerland is a compact, land-locked country with Swiss-German, French, Italian and Romansch the four official languages. There are many subtle cultural differences across the country, which is divided into 23 Cantons.

For the purposes of this site these Cantons provide a convenient and logical approach to describing the walking opportunities and as time goes by it is hoped to include content from them all. Travelling around Switzerland you will soon realise that the Canton flags are just as popular as the National flag and they have been used to illustrate this section.

Canton flagBERNE - a large Canton that contains the capital city, Bern, the Bernese Oberland and parts of the Jura. With many well-known mountains it is not surprising that this Canton is familiar to many visitors. The walking opportunities are many and varied with routes to suit all tastes and abilities. More information

Canton flagGRAUBUNDEN / GRISONS - situated in the southeast of Switzerland this large mountainous Canton offers much superb walking. Predominantly German speaking, there are pockets where Italian and Romansch are spoken. The highest mountain is Piz Bernina, the only 4000 metre summit in this Canton. More information

Canton flagST. GALLEN - named after the large city located a few kilometres from the western shore of Bodensee (Lake Constance), this Canton in Eastern Switzerland does not have any 'serious' high mountain terrain. However it is an area with pleasant rolling alpine countryside with mountains of less stature providing dramatic backdrops.

Canton flagVALAIS / WALLIS - a mixture of French and German speaking areas this Canton is dissected by the Rhone valley, which is flanked by mountain ranges to the north and south. Contains some fine walking and many quality high level routes with 4000+metre peaks providing a spectacular backdrop.