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Photos from Graubunden/Grisons walks

Lower Engadine
805501Ospizio Bernina station
805502Looking south from above Bernina Ospizio station
805503Lago Bianco just south of Bernina Ospizio
805504Easy walking along the shores of Lago Bianco
805505Lago Bianco amidst the wild terrain of the Bernina Pass
805506A Bernina Line train
805507Lago Bianco from the south
805508View of Lago Bianco from the south
805509View from the southern end of Lago Bianco
805510The dam across Lago Bianco
805511Looking back to the dam across Lago Bianco
805512The approach to Alp Grüm
805513View from Alp Grüm down to Poschiavo
805514The landscape below Alp Grüm is much greener
805515View from Alp Grüm south to Poschiavo
805601Looking back to Bernina Diavolezza
805602One of the few buildings passed on this walk
805603View back to Bernina Diavolezza
805604Walking beside the Berninabahn
805605Buildings at Sur
805606Looking back to Bernina Diavolezza
805607A Berninabahn train heads up the pass
805608The route ahead to Lago Bianco
805609Lej Nair looking north
805610Lago Bianco with Bernina Ospizio station
805611View north to Lej Nair
805612Lago Bianco from Bernina Ospizio
805701Looking down into the valley from Murtel
805702The path between Murtel and Fuorcla Surlej
805703Rocky landscape between Murtel and Fuorcla Surlej
805704Path into the mountains and Fuorcla Surlej
805705Easy walking between Murtel and Fuorcla Surlej
805706The path nears Fuorcla Surlej
805707View back to Murtel on path to Fuorcla Surlej
805708Climbing towards the col before Fuorcla Surlej
805709Climbing up to the col before Fuorcla Surlej
805710The small lake at Fuorcla Surlej
805711The refuge at Fuorcla Surlej
805712Bringing in supplies to the refuge at Fuorcla Surlej
805801The start of the path from Fuorcla Surlej
805802Looking back to the head of Val Roseg
805803Val Roseg comes into view
805804The chalet adds scale to this mountain scene
805805Mountain scene from below Fuorcla Surlej
805806Looking back to Fuorcla Surlej
805807Lej da Vadret at the head of the valley
805808Looking ahead to Val Roseg
805809The wide river in Val Roseg
805810Nearing the valley trees add scenic interest
805811Looking upstream to the head of Val Roseg
805812Hotel Restaurant Roseg
805901Coaz Hütte at the head of Val Roseg
806601The track into the Swiss National Park
806602The river is close on the path into Swiss National Park
806603The river adds scenic interest in the Swiss National Park
806604Swiss National Park notice board
806605View into the Swiss National Park
806606River debris - Swiss National Park
806607The valley narrows - Swiss National Park
806608View back to the walk start - Swiss National Park
806609Path in a beautiful valley - Swiss National Park
806610Approaching the end of the valley - Swiss National Park
806611Alpine pastures in the Swiss National Park
806612Parkhütte Varusch - Swiss National Park
806701Attractive buildings in Guarda
806702Water fountain in Guarda
806703Guardia's houses have details of their construction
806704The La Cloxxa river after heavy rain the preceding week
806705The valley containing La Cloxxa River
806706View to Guarda perched high above the valley
806707The pleasant descent to Lavin
806708View to Guarda from the valley floor
806709The covered bridge in Lavin
806710The River En at Lavin
806711Lavin village and bridge
806712Looking ahead to Susch
806713Solid looking house on the approach to Susch
806714The village of Susch straddles the River En
806715One of the regular trains serving the valley
807301Following the river along the Val Roseg
807302Climbing above the river in Val Roseg
807303The river in Val Roseg
807304View up the Val Roseg
807305Horse drawn carriage in Val Roseg
807306View of Restaurant Roseg
Upper Engadine
801110A train heads to the Jungfrau
801301View from Muottas Muragl to Celerina and St.Moritz
801302View from between Muottas Muragl and Lej Muragl
801303Looking back to Muottas Muragl en-route to Lej Muragl
801304Beautiful Lej Muragl looking northwest.
801305From Lej Muragl path skirts Piz Muragl
801306Muottas Muragl seen from below Lej Muragl
801501Piz Ot and Piz Paleda from Corviglia
801502Piz Julier seen from the Corviglia to Pass Suvretta path
801503Approaching Pass Suvretta from Corviglia
801504View to Piz Julier from near Pass Suvretta
801505View to Lej Suvretta and Piz Suvretta
801506Informative footpath signs at Pass Suvretta
801601Looking north from Pass Suvretta towards Alp Suvretta
801602Descending from Pass Suvretta towards Val Bever
801603The descent from Pass Suvretta to Val Bever
801604View to Pass Suvretta and Piz Julier
801605A marmot on guard against intruders
801606Path from Pass Suvretta drops into Val Bever
801607Val Bever with the farm at Alp Suvretta
801608View into upper reaches of Val Bever from Alp Suvretta
801609Refreshments Alp Suvretta style
801701Val Bever looking east near Alp Suvretta
801702Looking upstream along Val Bever near Alp Suvretta
801703Looking east along Val Bever near Alp Suvretta
801704Val Bever is dominated by mountains on either flank
801705River in Val Bever has many short rapids
801706A wooden bridge across the river in Val Bever
801801Rhätische Railway train between Spinas and Bever
801802Scenery between Spinas and Bever
801803Bever - a louvred barn door
801804Bever - inscription on a house wall dated 1603
801805Bever - window set in decorated wall
801806Bever - a water trough within the village
801807Bever - village centre with the church tower
801808Bever - mix of architecture in these buildings
801809Bever - a narrow street and decorated walls
802001Piz Julier & Piz Nai from Corviglia to Pass Suvretta path
802002Path to summit of Piz Nair climbing through scree
802003Lej Suvretta with Piz Julier as a backdrop
802101Morterasch Glacier seen from the moraine path
802401Munt Pers from top station of Diavolezza cablecar
802402Pers Glacier & Piz Palü from Diavolezza
802403Path across flank of Munt Pers en-route to the summit
802404Approaching the final ascent to summit of Munt Pers
802405The view northwest from the summit of Munt Pers
802406View east to Piz Lagalb from Munt Pers
802501Sign near Morterasch station to the Boval Hütte
802502Morterasch station from Boval Hütte path
802503Morterasch glacier with Piz Bernina at its head
802504Morterasch glacier with its surrounding mountains
802505Morterasch glacier with Piz Albris in the background
802506Confluence of Pers Glacier and Morterasch glacier
802507Interesting path nearer the Boval Hütte
802508Path gets more interesting nearer the Boval Hütte
802509The final climb up to the Boval Hütte
802510Munt Pers and Morterasch Glacier from near Boval Hütte
802511The Boval Hütte with Piz Boval rising behind
802512Plaque on Boval Hütte shows its year of construction
805401Church at Segl Baselgia
805402View of Silsersee from Via Engiadina
805403View near Grevasalvas
805404Plaun da Lej from Via Engiadina
805405The approach to Grevasalvas
805406View to Grevasalvas village
805407Chalets in Grevasalvas
805408Chalets and mountains at Grevasalvas
805409View back to Grevasalvas
805410View of Grevasalvas and Silsersee
805411Chalets & Mountains at Blaunca
805412Chalets at Blaunca village
805413View of Maloja from Blaunca
805414View along Silsersee
805415Start of descent to Maloja
806801Spectacular scenery near Suvretta
806802Lej da Champfer & Lej da Silvaplauna from Via Engiadina
806803Via Engiadina approaching Sils Maria
806901The village centre of Sils Maria
807001The Via Engiadina descends from Corviglia
807002View to St Moritz and its lake
807003View to Corviglia and the funicular
807004View of Lej da Champfer and Lej da Silvaplauna
807005View of Alp Suvretta and Piz Albana
807006The busy path junction at Alp Suvretta
807007Descent from Alp Suvretta towards Champfer
807008Footbridge which takes Via Engiadina to Sils Maria
807009Climb south-west from footbridge to Sils Maria
807010View from the Via Engiadina on path to Sils Maria
807011Looking across the valley to snow capped mountains
807012Lej da Champfer & Lej da Silvaplauna from Via Engiadina
807013Looking back towards St Moritz Bad
807014View of lakes from the Via Engiadina
807015Snow capped mountains near Sils Maria
811401View of valley from ascent of Piz Lunghin
811402Lac Lunghin between Maloja and Piz Lunghin
811403Weird rock formations below Piz Lunghin
811404Summit view, Piz Lunghin
811405Admiring the view from Piz Lunghin
811406Lac Lunghin and Piz Grevasalvas from Piz Lunghin
811501Pontresina in south-east Switzerland
811502Piz Languard from Alp Languard chairlift
811503View of Piz Languard
811504Piz Languard from the mountain hut
811505View down from final ascent of Piz Languard
811506View from Piz Languard to Muottas Muragl
811507View from Piz Languard above the mountain hut
811508Another view of Piz Languard from below
811601Mountains above the Val Roseg
811602Path through rocky terrain in the upper Val Roseg
811603View down to lake from the top of Val Roseg
811604Lej da Vadret in the Upper Roseg Valley
811605A series of waterfalls high above the Val Roseg
811606On path to Pontresina high above the Val Roseg