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Photos from Bern / Berne walks

Jungfrau Region
800101Jungfrau from near Grutschalp
800102Faulhorn & Mannlichen from Grutschalp
800103Summer farm above Grutschalp
800104Path between Grutschalp & Allmendhubel
800105Eiger & Monch from Allmendhubel
800106Nearing Allemndhubel from Grutschalp
800201View from Grutschalp to Murren
800202Pretty chalet near Murren
800203Grosshorn & Breithorn from Murren
800301Sonnenberg (Murren) with the Eiger, Monch & Jungfrau
800302View over Blumental to Allmendhubel (Murren)
800303View of the village of Murren
800304Wasenegg ridge above Spielbodenalp
800305Jungfrau from above Spielbodenalp
800306The Schwarzmonch in Lauterbrunnen valley
800307Descent from Gimmelwald to Stechelberg
800308Waterfalls between Gimmelwald & Stechelberg
800309View of Lauterbrunnen valley from Stechelberg
800401Alpine scenery above Murren
800402Wasenegg ridge is a wonderful walk
800403Path on the Wasenegg ridge to Rotstockhutte
800404View of the Gspaltenhorn & Rotstockhutte
800405The Horn and the Rotstockhutte
800406View from the Rotstockhutte
800407Rotstockhutte in dramatic scenery
800408View of the Rotstockhutte
800409The Sefinen valley is remote and wild
800410Path along the Wasenegg ridge
800411Barns and alpine meadows at Gimmela
800412Lauterbrunnen valley from Gimmela
800501The Schynige Platte Bahn
800502Panorama path at Schynige Platte
800503Near the Oberberghorn, Schynige Platte
800504View of Loucherhorn from the Oberberghorn
800505The Oberberghorn ridge path
800506Panorama Path offers great views
800507View to Oberberghorn from Panorama Path
800508Loucherhorn from the Panorama Path
800509Retrospective view of the Panorama Path
800601Path across south flank of Loucherhorn
800602East side of Loucherhorn is rocky
800603View to Loucherhorn after passing Egg
800604Weber Hut at end of rocky path
800605View of Schwabhorn after Weber Hut
800606View west to Weber Hut from Winteregg ridge
800607Looking west with the Winteregg ridge in view
800608The Faulhorn seen from the western approach
800609The Faulhorn with its hotel offer great views
800610The scenic twin lakes of Bachalpsee
800611Peaks and ridges east of Bachalpsee
800612View from Bachalpsee to the Wetterhorn and Schreckhorn
800701Grosse Scheidegg between Grindelwald and Rosenlaui
800702The Eiger seen from Grosse Scheidegg
800703Grosse Scheidegg looking down the road to Meiringen
800704Schwarzhorn seen after leaving Grosse Scheidegg
800705The Wetterhorn dominates Grosse Scheidegg
800706Eiger from Grosse Scheidegg to First footpath
800707Chrinne escarpment leads northeast to Schwarzhorn
800708The Schreckhorn lies between the Eiger and Wetterhorn
800709The Schwarzhorn seen from near First
800801Schreckhorn from First to Bachalpsee path
800802Wetterhorn towers above Grosse Scheidegg
800803The Reeti is an interestingly shaped mountain
800804Path from First to Bachalpsee offers excellent views
800805Bachalpsee is a pleasant place to linger
800806After Bachalpsee the Bussalp path is more challenging
800807Southeast ridge of Reeti and Wetterhorn & Shreckhorn
800808Looking back to First from the southeast ridge of the Reeti
800809Southeast ridge of Reeti and the Wetterhorn
800810The rocky path from Bachalpsee to Bussalp
800811Path to Bussalp over south flank of the Reeti
800812View to southeast ridge of the Reeti from Oberlager
800901Grindelwald from the Pfingstegg cablecar
800902The Eiger's north east ridge
800903Pfingstegg to Stieregg path is dramatic
800904View from the Pfingstegg to Stieregg path
800905The Lower Grindelwald glacier & the Fieschererhorn
800906The Fieschererhorn from restaurant at Stieregg
800907Descent to Grindelwald from Stieregg is panoramic
800908The new "restaurant" at Baregg.
800909The new "toilet" at Baregg
800910The remains of the old restaurant at Stieregg
801001Alpine barn near Pfingstegg and the Reeti
801002Wetterhorn from the Pfingstegg to Michbach path
801003Schwarzhorn from the Pfingstegg to Michbach path
801004Houses, farms and barns above Grindelwald
801005Wetterhorn from the Pfingstegg to Michbach path
801006Crags near Milchbach above the Schwarze Lutschine
801007The Wetterhorn had the first cablecar in Switzerland
801008Schwarze Lutschine starts from Upper Grindelwald Glacier
801009The first cablecar in the world on the Wetterhorn
801010The cirque occupied by the Upper Grindelwald Glacier
801011Beautiful Grindelwald cemetery surrounded by mountains
801101Eiger Trail above Alpiglen
801102The Wetterhorn from the Eiger Trail
801103The Eiger Trail crosses a scree slope
801104Kleine Scheidegg from the Eiger Trail
801105The crags of the Eiger soar skywards
801106The Eiger's formidable rock face
801107Mountains and glacier at Eigergletscher
801108View into the Lauterbrunnen valley
801109View over Kleine Scheeidegg
801201Alpine meadows under Lauberhorn to Mannlichen ridge
801202View of Wengen descending from Kleine Scheidegg
801203View from Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen path
802301View from Stechelberg to Lauterbrünnen
802601The great cliffs above Lauterbrunnen
802602Lauterbrunnen Valley from Männlichen ridge
802603Wengen's avalanche protection on Männlichen ridge
802604Schrekhorn and Grindelwald to Männlichen gondola
802605Wetterhorn from the Männlichen ridge
802701View to Männlichen ridge from near Alpiglen
802801Trains waiting at Kleine Scheidegg for Grindelwald
802802Wetterhorn from below Kleine Scheidegg on Alpiglen path
802803Farm near Mettla between Kleine Scheidegg and Alpiglen
802804Wetterhorn from Mettla below Kleine Scheidegg
802805Wetterhorn from near Mettla above Alpiglen
802806The Wetterhorn from above Alpiglen
802901The cloud lifts over the hamlet of Sulwald
802902Schynige Platte ridge from Sulwald
802903Alpine scenery between Sulwald and Suls
802904Alpine meadows between Sulwald and Suls
802905The summer farm at Suls
802906Limestone scenery above the farm at Suls
802907Lauberhorn from near the Laubernhornhütte
802908Lauberhornhütte occupies a wonderful position
802909Lauberhornhütte toilet has wonderful views
803001Lauberhornhütte occupies a splendid position
803002Lauberhorn from near the Lauberhornhütte
803003Limestone crags after leaving the Lauberhornhütte
803004Lake Brienz view after leaving the Lauberhornhütte
803005The dramatic limestone cliffs of Bällehöchst
803006Tricky section of the path across the Tschingel scree
803007The scree slope of Tschingel with two walkers
803008View north from Bällehöchst to Morgenberg ridge
803009Wilderswil and Lake Brienz from Bällehöchst
803010Upper reaches of Saxeten valley near Underberg
803011Limestone cliffs in Upper Saxeten valley near Underberg
803012Looking down the valley to the village of Saxeten
803101Mountain scenery above Mürren
810101Grauseeli mountain lake, Schilthorn
810901View of the Schilthorn
801401Top station of Kandersteg to Allmenalp cablecar
801402Footpath sign at Allmenalp
801403Allmenalp and the path to Usser Uschene
801404View to First from near Allmenalp
801405Allmenalp from Ryharts and Usser Uschene path
801406Path near Ryharts with the Gallihorn in view
801407View of Usser Uschene and Uschenetal
801408Torrent between Usser Uschene and Eggeschwand
801409The descent path from Usser Uschene to Eggeschwand
801410Waterfall between Usser Uschene and Eggeschwand
801901Kandersteg seen from path to the Doldenhornhütte
801902Wooden footbridge en-route to the Doldenhornhütte
801903The path approaching the Doldenhornhütte
801904The Doldenhornhütte
801905Oeschinensee & Blümlisalp from Doldenhornhütte
801906View of Kandertal in descent from Doldenhornhütte
802201View to Balmhornhütte from Gasterntal
802202Sign at start of trail to Balmhornhütte
802203Start of path to Balmhornhütte from Gasternt
802204Lower section of path to Balmhornhütte
802205Gasterntal seen from the Balmhornhütte path
803201Öeschinensee and Blümlisalp near Kandersteg
803202Blümlisalp towers over this river to Kandersteg
803203Kandersteg church and the Blümlisalp
803501Kandersteg centre and the Zallershorn
803601Waterfalls on Kander River above Eggeschwand
803602Kander River waterfalls above Eggeschwand
803603Farmhouse near Waldhaus in Gasterntal
803701Gasterntal above Waldhaus
803702The River Kander in Gasterntal
803703The private valley service road in Gasterntal
803801View up Gasterntal above Selden to the rock wall
803802Looking downstream from above Selden
803803Gasterntal from moraine below Kanderfirn Glacier
803804Rock wall below the snout of Kanderfirn Glacier
803805Superb mountains tower above the Gasterntal valley
803806Gasterntal from just below the Kanderfirn glacier
803807The snout of the Kanderfirn Glacier
803808The Kanderfirn Glacier overhangs the rock wall
803809View across the Kanderfirn Glacier
803901Scenery near Sunnbüel on approach to Üschenegrat
803902Rocky landscape on the approach to the Üschenegrat
803903Kandertal from the viewpoint below the Gällihorn
803904View over the Üschene valley
803905The view to the head of the Üschene valley
803906The path leading up the Üschene valley
803907Looking back to the Gällihorn
804002Farm at Spittelmatte near Sunnbüel
804401The Bunderspitz from above Allmenalp
804402The path to First near Steintal
804403Looking back to the Bunderspitz from Steintal
804404The Bunderspitz and the Allmegrat
804405View south from summit of First to Bunderspitz
804406Footpath sign near the summit of First
804501Footpath sign near the summit of First
804502Cable protection below the summit of First
804503Looking south along the Allmegrat from below First
804504View from Allmegrat to Öeschinensee and Blümlisalp
804505Elsiegenalp from the summit of Stand
804506The Öeschinensee and Blümlisalp from Stand
804507Öeschinensee and Blümlisalp from near Stand
804508The Öeschinensee and Blümlisalp from Gölitschealp
804509Ravine below Gölitschealp on descent to Kandersteg