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Jungfrau Region Walks

Jungfrau Region Walks
Walk 8007Grosse Scheidegg - Firsteasy
Walk 8002Grutschalp - Winteregg - Murreneasy
Walk 8026Mannlichen - Kleine Scheideggeasy
Walk 8028Kleine Scheidegg - Alpigleneasy
Walk 8023Stechelberg - Lauterbrunneneasy
Walk 8010Pfingstegg - Grindelwaldeasy/moderate
Walk 8005Schynige Platte - Panorama Walkeasy/moderate
Walk 8027Alpiglen - Mannlicheneasy/moderate
Walk 8012Kleine Scheidegg - Wengeneasy/moderate
Walk 8029Sulwald - Lobhornhutteeasy/moderate
Walk 8009Pfingstegg - Stiereggeasy/moderate
Walk 8031Murren (Allmendhubel) - Murreneasy/moderate
Walk 8001Grutschalp - Allmendhubel - Murreneasy/moderate
Walk 8101Schilthorn - Birg - Grauseeli - Rotstockhutte - Murrenmoderate
Walk 8004Murren (Allmendhubel) - Wasenegg - Rotstockhutte - Murrenmoderate
Walk 8011Alpiglen - Eigergletscher - Kleine Scheideggmoderate
Walk 8008First -Bachalpsee - Bussalpmoderate
Walk 8003Murren - Gimmelwald - Stechelbergmoderate
Walk 8030Lobhornhutte - Saxetenmoderate/hard
Walk 8109Stechelberg - Obersteinberg - Oberhornseemoderate/hard
Walk 8006Schynige Platte - Faulhorn - Bachalpsee - Firstmoderate/hard


Stay Safe

Do enjoy yourself when out walking and choose a route that is within your capabilities especially with regard to navigation.

Do turn back if the weather deteriorates especially in winter or when visibility is poor.

Do wear the right clothing for the anticipated weather conditions. If the weather is likely to change for the worse make sure you have enough extra clothing in your pack.

Do tell someone where you are planning to walk especially in areas that see few other walkers.

Do take maps and other navigational aids. Do not rely on mobile devices in areas where reception is poor. Take spare batteries especially in cold weather.

Do check the weather forecast before leaving.

Do do not exceed your capabilities.

Please Note - These walks have been published for use by site visitors on the understanding that Walking Sitzerland is not held responsible for the safety or well being of those following the routes as described. It is worth reiterating the point that you should embark on a walk with the correct maps at the most detailed scale where possible. This will enable any difficulties with route finding to be assessed, and corrective action taken if necessary.